A Better Letter

Finally, a word processor for the new millenium the 20s command line with one use case. Assembling beautiful DIN like letters from markdown input into printable PDF documents like a boss at some point in the future. Work in progress.

Use Case

An estimated 80% of word processing anyone ever does is writing the odd letter here or there. Why not do it in your favourite text editor on the command line?

Works for me.ak

betterletter is about assisting you in writing better letters based on a reverse engineered normalized design in your favourite text editor of the hour while simply leaving out a good part of the unnecessary overhead of so called modern word processoring.


Using pipx:

❯ pipx install git+https://git.c3pb.de/ak/betterletter

Of course there are different methods available to the initiated open sourcerer. A python wheel is in the dist folder and build on every commit. Make sure to use the latest version as this project is 🆒 and not fully thawed yet.

Version 0.1.2 alpha: The eternal beta version of the mind. Atom Feed


Sender Information
Sender and receiver information are stored as yaml in separate files.

Simple Menus. Vi navigation and [hot keys].

Completions and Help
`betterletter COMMAND --help` for COMMAND options.

CLI commands with explicit help messages and auto completions on user inputs.


    betterletter make --logo1font "Plakat-Fraktur-Black.ttf" \
    -1 "Better Letters from the Command Line" \
    -2 "Written in your favourite text editor. project:bettterletter" \
    -i docs/html_out/betterletter.png

This will guide you through the process of make a PDF with betterletter. In this case using Better Letters from the Command Line as a fist line and Written in your favourite text editor. project:bettterletter as a second, using logo1font to render the first line and betterletter.png as a logo image. betterletter make --help` for more options.


The current proof of concept PDF may not be up to date.


It is highly recommended to provide a font file with Unicode support to render all the characters you may want to type out in whatever language you are writing in. Currently the application only supports LTR type set. You can use any Font installed on your system or provide a .ttf file as in the example above. System fonts are usually located in /usr/share/fonts, while fonts you may have installed as a user may be in .fonts/ In the example above the same font family as on the home page is used to render the body of the letter.

Known Issues


GNU General Public License v2.0., aka a cancer to proprietary software, although the maintainer prefers the term a vaccination.

Uses typer and rich to provide a snappy CLI interface and fpdf2 to render PDF documents.

Output may be used as input to your FAX machine after print-out or even be attached to an e-mail allowing for remote print-out and faxing. Enjoy.


Logo Image A kawaii letter from openclipart.org. Title Font Plakat-Fraktur. Imported Software Componets.

betterletter 0.1.2-alpha.0

pykyll icon by ak icon